Friday, June 02, 2006

First Taste of Redundancy

As I'd mentioned some time ago, at the beginning of May I was made redundant. This is the first time in a 16 year career that this has ever happened to me and I was quite surprised when it happened. But not sad. This last job hasn't been a good one. The immediate co-workers I had were great - but management was terrible. Hadn't a clue.

Now I've worked places before where management has had its fair share of bad eggs, but never anywhere where there was no discernible leadership - this last job was exactly that.

Take my redundancy and that of a few others. I know they are trying to save money after a loss - but they clearly haven't thought through this exercise. I was asked to leave with there being no capacity to do the job I was doing. It's not like there were others available who could do my job (which paradoxically involved bringing in new business), I was pretty much it, given a change in direction for the other people who were previously working with me.

I feel sorry for my former colleagues, becaus they did need my expertise and skills and they will suffer. But I'm not sorry to be able to start afresh.

I've always had to take a job to pay the bills - now I can take the time to really find something to do that I like, even something that I love. Ideally, if I could write full time for a living I would, but I am nowhere near earning enough to cover my bills through my writing yet - so for the time being I will be back in the rat race soon. But with some hard work and targeted submissions, by this time in two years I plan to be fully independent. Wish me luck!

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