Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Mentality of a Winner

In the Independent the other day (June 23) Dominic Lawson spoke about the spirit of a winner. He was talking about Andy Murray and how some people say he’s not the most genial of men. Dominic’s position was so what – In order to be a winner in anything, you have to have a single mindedness of purpose. He also mentioned a very successful cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan, and how even though he is go great he still practices religiously.

It got me thinking about the winning mentality and he is right. If you want to do extremely well in anything you have to be focused, and willing to put in some hard graft – and be mentally strong enough that setbacks don’t cripple you.

So, if you are striving to achieve a particular goal I think this is very worth keeping in mind.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Make Sport Count For Our Kids

There have been a few stories in the Gleaner lately about Jamaica’s success in Athletics and what can be behind it. The consensus is (and I agree) that it is the special emphasis placed on sports in school and the healthy competitive atmosphere that is created in Jamaica.

It got me and HRH talking – why doesn’t the UK do likewise? In the States too they have a very successful system whereby kids who take part in sports and do well can earn scholarships to university – this helps them to get an education so that when or if the body gives out they have a profession for which they are qualified.

Here in the UK the most popular sport in terms of young people wanting to get into it is football. It seems as though extremely young, not particularly well educated boys are taken into this very fast world and then if they are good, get millions of pounds thrown at them. Surely it would be more helpful if they got to the top by moving up through a system that supported them and educated them?

Also, this ridiculous notion that some official and people seem to have that competition is unhealthy is exactly the opposite. Life is competitive – the best win the best get the best. Failing to train out kids to have a healthy competitive advantage does them a great disservice when they go out into the world and does the country an even greater disservice by lumping us with low aspiration, low achievers.

If we want to be the best at anything it’s time to look at others who are successful and learn some key lessons. Let’s face it, the UK is not successful when it comes to sport by design – this is the key point - by design. Those that have done well have done so through their own hard work but I am sure we could have more doing even better if there was a sensible system. Also, we would end up with young people who are educated enough to deal with the massive sums of money they will earn and who will be able to be effective in other areas once their sporting careers are over. Also, with a healthy competitive spirit we would all be the better. Being stretched and challenged to do your best is extremely healthy.

It is worth investigation.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please Take Care

What has happened today in Ireland is a disgrace. Sadly it is not too surprising.

What many Brits take to be tolerance and progress in areas of what they call race relations and what I call basic decency - has largely been a joke.

Here's what's happened over the past twenty or thirty years:

Non-white people have become sick of racist attacks - often after particulaly traumatic events. They have then been pushed to fight back and through this fight legislation has been enacted - under duress mind - so that white people cannot discriminate - let me correct myself, so that white people cannot be caught discriminating.

There has been no heart change - no introspection about the evil nature of being a racist in the hearts of white people as a whole - it's just the cultural climate and laws that have kept them in the closet.

Now, with the resurgence of the racists by getting elected under the guise of people being unhappy with the mainstream parties they are coming back out - hence events like what happened to those 20 Romanian families in Ireland.

People, the legislation has been enacted what is needed now is heart change but only white people can do this!

Non-white people, sadly that means we're screwed as far as I can see.

But we can do our part. It is our duty to call white people on being racist and stop keeping quiet and sucking it up. And I'm not talking about prosecutions and suing I'm talking about reason and 'drawing a crowd.' So when they make racist comments no mater how unobtrusive they might seem call them on it publicly. When they are silent on issues like those in Ireland, bring them up and force them out into the open. Sadly though, it is over to them. We cannot change their hearts for them.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop the Assault on Reason

I highly recommend a book called ‘The Assault on Reason” by former US Vice President Al Gore. In it he intelligently presents the case that without reason democracies cannot function.

One of the arguments he gives is that if the electorate is more concerned with the minutiae of ZZ list celebrities than they are about issues that affect them, then corrupt governments can continue to exploit the electorate.

This is exactly what happens in the UK. The last election, (the one w few weeks ago) the turnout was less that 40% I believe – it was definitely less than 50%. That means that a minority of the British electorate has decided who is in power. That is not what democracy is supposed to be about! I get the impression that most people believe democracy is a one way street – with governments supposed to do all and the public nothing. But we the public are the ones who have the power to put politicians in charge and the keep them there. If you don’t exercise that right and responsibility to vote then how can you expect things to function in a way that is beneficial to the electorate?

It is time for British people to wake up and take an interest in the things that affect us. Which cretinous idiot is doing what mind bogglingly stupid activity on a brain dead watching show like Big Brother is of now consequence. Indeed, if the electorate was doing and being what they should – there would be no market for Big Brother-like shows. Now, we need to be concerned with and knowledgeable about the issues that affect us and our families. And people that will take some effort. This will mean reading stuff and extrapolating from it and asking questions and taking part – like getting off your arse and voting.

Let’s get it together shall we?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Stop Lying

There are a number of political parties in existence in the UK. There are the three majors and more than five minors. Let me list the parties (apart from the majors and the BNP) that were on the ballot in my neighbourhood:

1) The Christian Party
2) The English Democrat Party
3) Jury Team
4) No2EU Yes to Democracy
5) Pro Democracy Libertas:eu
6) Socialist Labour Party]
7) The Green Party

That means if you were disaffected with the three majors –apart from the racist BNP voters had a choice of 8 parties.

If out of the total 12 party choices you had, you decided to go for the racist party – you are a racist – not a disaffected voter. Full stop. Stop lying.

White British voters should really stop and take stock and ask themselves ‘What does it say about us when people who claim to be disaffected with the major parties decide to vote for the racists?’ This is a very dangerous state of affairs. If we as a human race insist of failing to learn from past mistakes we will be doomed to repeat them. How many times in the past have evil and stupid people used disaffection with the status quo as an excuse to enact all manner of barbaric racist acts?

If you really aren’t a racist there needs to be some introspection and some honest debate and some gathering of facts. Too many times I hear these people who have decided to vote BNP and claim not to be racists, spouting information that is incorrect and it’s quite obvious they haven’t bothered to source any facts.

People, running a country involves a wide range of very important issues – if you think that the UK can be run solely on the premise than anyone not white shouldn’t be here – you make a sad mistake.

If you vote BNP you are a racist. If you say otherwise you are a racist and a liar.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

If Only They Would All Do It . . .

Got a letter today from a bank I owe money to. They offered to take £200 off of the debt if I paid £20 a month more than I am and so clear the debt within 12 months.

Previously, they had sent a letter saying they would take a certain percentage off if I would clear the debt immediately. I am in debt to them because of all that goes with the credit crunch (not willing to divulge details here) and so of course their offer was meaningless too me. Now the offer I got today was very usable - I need a reduction in the overall bill, a cessation of interest and a monthly payment I can manage in my reduced circumstances. Now we both win - they get some, well most of their money, I reduce my debt and pay it off within a year and am able to live. Now if all other institutions were reasonable they would stay in business, get their money and people would be able to keep their stuff.

I hope circumstances will prompt other companies to act accordingly. In the meantime I encourage you to make offers to your creditors along these lines.

On another note - I have found the magic formula for losing weight - you ready? Here it goes.

Step 1: Eat only the calories you need (about 2100 for women and 3100 for men but check according to your lifestyle). Eat when hungry and stop when full.
Step 2: Exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

Aim to lose 2lbs a week and it will stay off.

See - magic isn't it?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

What Hazel Blears did today was wrong.

Imagine, on the face of it she is upset that the Prime Minsiter took her to task for not paying capital gains tax. Firstly she shouldn't be upset about that, she ought to be ashamed as should everyone else who claimed when they shouldn't. Secondly, how immature and destructive to the party and the public is it to resign in this way just to (as it seems) thumb her nose at the PM.

Voters, don't let these types of shenanigans distract you from the serious matter of voting and voting intelligently.

Make it count tomorrow.