Monday, March 14, 2011

A Lethal Combination

It is happening – we have undereducated our people and the dumbest ones are the ones in charge of companies. Add to that a large degree of unproductiveness and voila – what do you get? The bottom falling out of our productivity and profitability. Our economy is in trouble and the only feasible and sustainable way out is through growth. How the hell are we going to grow when the things that will grow us are being cut right left and centre?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Do we Really Want a British Fox News?

So Murdoch has been given the go ahead to buy the world so to speak as it pertains to the UK media landscape. It is really hard to believe that this unelected government has been in power for only ten months. Even more amazing, even for me, is how swiftly they have laid waste to the country. How comes there is no mass protest in the UK? Because we've spent decades under-educating our people and encouraging them to be more concerned with voting for things like the X-Factor rather than the people in charge of the country who will make decision on our lives.