Thursday, June 15, 2006

Looking for Work

I'm geting a bit nervous about this job serach thing now. After I was made redundant I thought I could take a week off and then start to look for temporary work while applying for permanent roles. But so far, the agencies I've contacted say there isn't much work out there. Hope something turns up soon - the redundancy money won't last forever!

Meanwhile I suffer through daytime TV. Daytime TV in the UK as in many parts of the world I guess, consists of repeats of crap you don't want to watch. I'm starting to get really bored and lonely staying at home. I always thought I could work at home and I guess I could if work involved meeting with people often, but it is getting really old.

Wish me luck.


Thalia in Jamaica said...

Bwoy Nikki - ah feel yuh pain . Di ongle suggestion I can give you is to treat the search as a job itself - walk round, copy resumes, call offices, etc. I will remember your employment woes in my prayers.

Chief Lymer said...

Many thanks Thalia - much appreciated.