Monday, June 30, 2008

What dem waiting fah???

My Goodness - what are the regional leaders waiting for to publicly and private denounce Mugabe and run him out of office?

I know that half of them are probably no better than him and are probably defending their own right to tief elections but lawd man. Full time the see how bad things have got and take action. I wait with baited breath to see what happens. The Kenyan leader has spoken up but - well - nuff said eh?

Here's a link to a good story on he pitfalls of modern parenting and the dangerous tendency to make he kids the centre of attention.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Black Prime Minister?

Checkout this story in today’s Guardian.

The commentator asks if it’s possible for there to be a British Prime Minister in the near future. They pose some interesting questions. The funny thing is – it’s always been said that the US is more racist than the UK. It may have been in the past but this can’t be the case now. Black people in the US have real chances to better themselves and to take influential positions – through the political process and through wealth generation. That isn’t the case here. Some of that though is to do with the way things work here politically too – I mean where’s the space in our political system for an equivalent to the Black caucus in the States? Black people in the UK haven’t and don’t band together for our common good. Most home grown Black Brits seem (to me) to be eager to fade into the background. They seem embarrassed when issues of race are discussed. But they should be discussed. You can’t tell me that the US isn’t a better place for people like Oprah, the Johnsons (OK, OK BET sucks but they did start a viable business), the other Johnsons (Ebony), Magic (plenty Johnsons eeeh?) and of course Obama – and many others. Creating a society where all people are able to reach for the skies makes things better for all.

I’m not saying it can’t be done here but from my experience it is incredibly hard. There’s an unspoken and deeply held belief amongst many white people I have encountered – that black people are less competent and no matter how much you prove otherwise they just won’t see it. I’ve worked with people for several month, and years and they will still ask me questions that show they think I am a moron. This is troubling because it means you can’t appeal to these people with reason and if you can’t do that it doesn’t leave many options. Which is why many of us have given up and resort to legal measures, where in the past we would have let things slide. But then isn’t that what happened in the States in the 60s which is why black people there have better chances. Maybe the UK is just many years behind in this area. Heck , it’s behind in so many others (just instituted chip and pin so you can use your debit card in a shop a few years ago; live liver transplants available for 15 years, first one done on the NHS last year – there are many examples).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Full Time We Run Out Mugabe

Saw a story on today here's the link.,opinion,zimbabwe-its-time-for-the-west-to-go-in.

I agree with the sentiment that the time has long passed for taking drastic measures. We must go in and forcibly remove Mugabe or things will get worse. Can you imagine it worse in Zimbabwe? I thought it was as bad as it can get. No. He must go. But it won't be easy. It must be done in such a way that we don't swap black dog for monkey i.e. after you remove him the only likely replacement is the MDC. This is fine for the time being but they can't stay in power with no viable opposition and Zanu-PF isn't a viable opposition.

Be that as it may - my point still stands - he must be removed.

On a lighter note here's a story on Grace Jones - apparently still going strong.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mugabe Must Go!

It's time for desperate measures. The international community must now throw caution to the winds and descend upon Zimbabwe and forcefuly remove Mugabe. And by international community I mean an African international community. It is important that no white western countries are involved as this will just smack of colnialism and will give Mugabe and his supporters fire to mount a come-back.

The African comunity has been pitiful and criminal in their willingness to let Mugabe continue. There is no reason why they cannot remember and respect his freedom fighting past without condemning present tyrannical and evil actions on his part. They must see sense. Their own people are suffering. Is Mugabe's freedom fighting past more important that the well being of his countrymen? Hell no! Time to stop the foolishness man!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Improving the Skills of the British.

In a recent documentary about immigration, Rageh Omar came to the conclusion that what British people need to be concerned with is not the influx of foreigners, but the increasing inability of British people to complete in the global marketplace.

Many Brits still bring up the old complaint – foreigners are coming over here to steal our jobs and take our benefits. Trouble is they aren’t. Foreigners are often extremely well educated, well trained, have a lot of experience, a good work ethic and are intelligent and know how to solve problems.

On the other hand British workers – especially the ones we are churning out of our education system now – are not. And instead of whining about foreigners ‘stealing our jobs’ we should be upping the ante by increasing our skills and mending our attitudes.

You see the truth is – the world has changed – radically. When you look for a job now, you can look for one in any part of the world – and you have as much chance as anyone of getting that job. That applies not only for jobs in the UK but also jobs in other parts of the world. As a man in Rageh’s documentary said, there’s no reason why Brits can’t look for and get jobs in other countries.

Instead what are we doing and what have we done over the past 20 years? Set up our own people to fail massively by under educating them and making a thirst for knowledge a culturally abhorrent thing. Apparently, some bright spark some years ago decided that teaching English grammar was a bad idea. So there are millions of people who are unable to speak their own language. Now English is the international language of business. Not smart. Then another bright spark (the same one?) decided that taking a foreign language would no longer be compulsory. So not only can Brits not speak English – they can’t speak any other language either! Fantastic! And then people complain about the inequality in education because private schools have the sense to teach these things. Also, I have heard from many people that British high school students’ history consists of a bit of medieval history and the 2nd World War. I cannot believe this – I went to school in Jamaica (left the UK at 10) and we did hundreds of years of European and Caribbean history at high school. Not learning about yourself and the world you inhabit is another dumb move.

Also, British kids are coddled so much that they aren’t required to be accountable and aren’t required to solve problems.

None of this is helpful.

Whining about foreigners ‘stealing’ jobs is pointless. It’s about 15 years past the time we should have woken up and smelled the stupidity.

For such a wealth country it’s a crying shame how wilfully dumb and ignorant so many people are.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time will tell

Well it looks as though Obama has done it. Yet some Clinton supporters seem to still be holding a grudge – saying derogatory things about him. If he wins the nomination – and it pretty much looks like it – all democrats need to get behind the democratic nominee. If they don’t it will be telling won’t it?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ode to the Unappreciated Worker

To the unappreciated worker:

Forget the idiots who haven’t appreciated you. Try and forget all the heartache caused by people who are stupid, lack vision and have ignoble aims. We all know you are excellent at what you do and now that you will be putting your brains to work for only you and your family, we wish you the best and we will miss you.