Friday, June 09, 2006

More jobs for media people & the odd English

Read today that TVJ is going to launch a sports stations. Good news for media professionals - hopefully this'll mean more jobs. I'll wait to see what transpires.

Because of the World Cup, the place is full of English flags and there is a whole heap of debate about whether or not this is good! This country is indeed weird. There are people in a quandrary becasue they feel it is in bad taste to wave their flag! I ask you! What on earth can be wrong with being proud of your country? This is one of the more ridiculous aspects of the English - and I make that distinction. The Scottish, the Welsh and the Irish don't have this problem. Just the English.

To the English who feel this way I say stop being foolish. There's nothing but good to come of being proud of your conutry and exuberantly exhibiting that pride by waving your flag. Take the stick out or your collective areses and relax - and let the rest of the people who want to wave dem flag wave it in peace.

Honestly! Of all the things to get worked up about.

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