Monday, September 27, 2010

Journalists need to speak for us

I am tired of journalists trying to stir up trouble when they have the chance to interview those in power. In the wake of Ed Milliband’s win all I seem to hear journalists ask him is, ‘how does this affect your relationship with your brother,’ ‘does this mean Labour will lurch to the left,’ ‘Didn’t you only get in because of the unions?’ ‘You don’t really have a mandate, or you didn’t really win because there was only a 1.3% difference.’

For goodness sake – as a voter does the answer to any of those questions add anything to your life? Doesn’t add anything to mine.

Why don’t they ask him how he plans to make Labour winnable in the next election? How about, how is he going to counter to ConDems’ slash and burn techniques? How can he convince us that life will be better under a Labour government than under a Tory government?

We need to demand better not just from our politicians but from our media too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Curse of the Mookoot

In popular Jamaican parlance, a mookoot is an idiot. Basically what we in the UK call a muppet.Now many people who seem to get onto property related reality TV shows in the UK suffer from acute cases of mookootism. The symptoms usually are:

1) Copious amounts of money

2) An acute lack of any sense, common or otherwise

What always amazes me is the restraint of hosts like Kevin McLeod and Sarah Beeny. While I am sitting in front of my TV yelling various names at the people on the screen – their response is usually considerably tempered.

The one exception is that show ‘Under the Hammer.’ The people on this show are usually incredibly sensible, except of course those who buy places without having seen them and then end up with something with structural issues.

I remember one episode of Property Ladder where the couple insisted on revamping a house as a two bedroom. Beeny told them that if they added a third bedroom (and they had plenty of room to do so) they’d add £100k to their asking price. I remember the woman saying this ‘I know, but we aren’t going to do that.’ Now keep in mind the premise of the show is that people fix up houses in order to make a profit and that is what this couple purported to do. What the-?!!!

Ahhhh, why do mookoots have access to so much money?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Men need to snatch their balls back

Too many modern British men are wusses. Now I am not advocating old style gender roles – I don’t believe women should be wusses either – trouble is as a result of man-made gender rules many women generally aren’t. Let me explain.

Over the centuries, women have been treated as though they were not as important as men, yet they have been made to do the bulk of the work in many cultures. Now because they have had to do this work and manage things like families (people management), meagre budgets (fiscal skills) and be brave in the face of all kinds of attacks (condescending mechanics)many women have had to become strong and decisive. (I’m not talking about the idiots who behave as if to have a brain is unfeminine). So where has this left the men? With few leadership skills, squat by way of fiscal skills and unable to make decisions. So we end up with wusses.

This needs to change. We need to see ourselves as equals with different roles in some areas depending on our capabilities, preferences and in very few occasions our gender. We need to bring our kids up to think differently or we’ll be producing a bunch of wishy washy men with no cohones who will not be wanted by most women

Monday, September 13, 2010

Anyone who voted Tory should be beaten in the town square

To all of you who voted for the Tories and the Lib Dems because you felt we 'needed a change' - well I hope you're bloody happy! We are screwed!!!!!

These jokers will cut until we all bleed and then they'll cut some more. At the end of these five years the UK will be fifth world country unless we all make it clear we won't stand for it. I am not looking forward to the next few months. Those who suffer - and there will be many - will be forced into behaviour they would previously have eschewed.

I pray the government sees sense before the anarchy begins.

Monday, September 06, 2010