Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Search for Employment Continues & Taxing the Fat

I've been busy over the past few days, trying to plan a wedding and trying to get a job. Getting a job is proving to be the more strenuous task.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to produce a CV - they are rarely required nowadays. Practically every job I see advertised, requires that you send off for a tome-like application pack upon which is written in bold type 'Do not send a CV, it will be ignored' or something to that effect.

And the forms they do provide, rarely have enough space for you to shine on. Now if you aren't allowed to show off your CV, and the only place you have to prove your case for being granted an interview, is a form with tiny spaces, how do you go about giving the best impression?

I take as much advantage as possible of the 'please continue on a separaet sheet' line - that's my answer.

Wish me luck with the search.

To be honest, I'd much rather stay home and write - but until I can earn enough for the mortgage et al in this way, I'm stuck with the 9-5.

In other matters, there was a documentary on More4 a few nights ago, in which a man put forward his thesis for taxing the obese directly, according to their BMI, in order to recoup the costs of obesity on the public purse. One thing that struck me was an interview he did with one guy who is so fat he hasn't been able to move from his home or do anything for 10 years. His upkeep costs about £100k per year - paid for by the tax payer.

I agree whole heartedly with the programme maker in this respect. People who smoke or drink have to pay tax on their products which helps offest the cost of treating smoking and drinking related health problems - why not the obese? Especailly as obesity related illnesses are due to outstrip smoking an ddrinking ones.

The attitude of many overweight people disgusts me. On the programme almost all overweight people intereivewed, said it wasn't their fault they were overwieght, that proposing a tax is discriminatory and that everyone should be happy to pay for obesity related diseases.

If you choose to kill yoursefl by smoking, you get penalised. If you choose to kill youself with excess food and too little exercise, why not penalise them too?

Bottom line is that if you are overweight, it is most probably because you eat more that your body needs, and don't excercise enough. It's not any more complicated than that. It is also a personal choice to be fat - may be difficult to lose weight - I know about that - but it is a personal responsibilty to do so.

The programme maker got a question asked in parliament and has gone about making his proposal in an effieient and systematic way. I wish him luck.

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