Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Leadership of the Anglican Church Awakes

Read today in the Times that the Archbishop of Canterbury has decided to split the church. Effectively those churches who remain faithful to biblical teaching stay in and those that choose their own way, in this case by ordaining gay priests, shall effectively be out. This is a good thing – it has taken the Anglican church, in fact all churches too long to definitively outline the Christian stance on this. It seems that nowadays to say that you believe homosexuality is a sin, is tantamount to social death. Well Christianity does state it is a sin. The next argument pro gays then give is that if you believe homosexuality is a sin then you advocate violence against gays. Not true. Christians do not advocate violence against gays. They also say that to believe homosexuality is a sin is the same as whites saying blacks were inferior back in the day and that as times changed with regards to race, that the church must modernise and accept homosexuality as a natural and good occurrence. Rubbish! God’s word is immutable. It was never right to discriminate re: race and being the race you are is not a sin, you just are. Indulging in a homosexual lifestyle is a choice – many people argue that people are born gay but there is no prrof of this. There are however plenty of examples of people becoming gay after bad experiences with members of the opposite sex.

Christians should be able to state without persecution that they believe homosexuality is a sin. We are all given free will and are able to decide what type of lifestyle we lead. This is between you and your God – but in terms of Christian leadership, you cannot possible be living a sinful life and be in church leadership! Those Anglicans who believe it is right to do so are crazy!

You could argue that the Bible is ambiguous on lots of things, but no one with a brain in their head can state the Bible is ambiguous on homosexuality. It states categorically that it is an abomination, and there are no instances where it is condoned. If these Anglicans want to indulge in a homosexual lifestyle, they should be honest enough to hold their hands up and acknowledge it is contrary to God’s will and not try to twist things. Also this ridiculous claim that Christians are homophobic is a lot of crap. No one is afraid of homosexuals or homosexuality and as far as I know a phobia is a fear. We simply believe the lifestyle is sinful Agree or disagree but don’t trample on our right to freely express ourselves. So I am glad the top leadership of the Anglican church has remained true to Biblical teaching. It is the right thing to do. I pray that they will be given strength now to pay attention to the needs of the world and not have to spend much more time on this issue.

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