Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Women - clutching defeat from the jaws of victory

What in tarnation is wrong with these girls? We have been having temperatures up to double digit negatives and English girls are still dressing scantily and going out on the town – check out the chick lying in the snow. Also, what is happening? Are mothers not explaining the art of seduction to their daughters, including how they dress and carry themselves? These girls just look cheap. It’s a crying shame. It makes you wonder what bad quality male /female relationships are taking place when the art, mystery and sensuality are gone – and believe me – looking at the average young English woman dressed to impress on a Thursday night – it’s gone! And that’s not to let the blokes off the hook – they generally look scruffy to the extreme.

Anyway, even if you want to look like a really inexpensive hooker or a tramp you should at least have enough sense to keep yourself warm.

Incidentally, don’t see any men going out without their warm clothes. We’ve come a long way baby – sadly we decided sprint back and retrace our steps.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Writing is a job

I am a writer.

Well, I say I am a writer, but the truth is I am largely a writing avoider. The avoiding takes many guises the most common being ‘research.’ But I read or rather re-read something today. It was a piece of pithy advice from Steven King from his book ‘On Writing.’ He basically says that if you are serious you will spend 4-6 hours a day reading and writing and that he writes (I believe) at least 1,000 words a day.

Now I work full time – my writing has to be done outside of that time but that cannot change without me quitting and I can’t afford to. So I have to work with what time I do have – Mr. King wrote Carrie while he was working full time.

So I thank him for a swift kick up the behind of a reminder. If you are having the same difficulty of procrastinating – from anything you really want to do – now is the time to get on with it, within whatever parameters you are bound by. And be creative – you may not be as bound as you think you are. All the best.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Are mobility scooters a menace? A story today on BBC’s website.

Interesting point. In my opinion they wouldn’t be a menace if they were used properly. For me the greatest problem is having to dodge them in the road. I can’t count the amount of times I have seen pensioners driving them in the road like they are cars – I saw one gentleman trundling across the entrance to the slip road to the motorway one day. The riders seem to be oblivious to the danger they could cause – to themselves and to motorists. I do wonder what possesses those who drive in the road –have they taken leave of their senses? Are they suicidal? Or are they just massively thick? Anyway you look at it they need o be punished for driving in the road severely enough for it to frighten them into not doing it. I get the sense people think it’s quaint or funny when this happens from the bemused spectators. If it was my loved one I wouldn’t find it funny.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Your own personal time capsule

So a new year has started again. For most people, this means making resolutions. Funnily enough for me a new year doesn’t mean making resolutions – it means pledging to regularly keep a diary.

I’ve kept diaries before – trouble has been I have found re-reading them depressing. That changed last night though. I re-read my last diary which spanned 1998 to 2000 and it was very enlightening. It helped me to see what I was and instead of despairing I see how to improve and know I can.

Now my reasoning for keeping a diary is that it helps you to keep an accurate record of what you used to be like when you were younger and an accurate record of previous events. We often claim to remember exactly how things transpired but I have found that I actually don’t. I also think that I am quite sensible and have not made certain terrible, repeat mistakes but it turns out that’s a load of hogwash too after last night’s read! So all in all it is a useful exercise. I would suggest you try it – just don’t whatever you do, do it online or even on your computer. This is something that should definitely be handwritten and locked in a little box somewhere – your own personal time capsule.