Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blue Seams Again

Well, it appears that the 'Blue Seams' are at it again.

In today's Observer we are told that they beat two female police officers.

I was particulary amazed at the sentence that said ,' The constable grabbed the phone from the sergeant, allegedly punched her in the mouth, handcuffed her and hauled her off to the police station, saying he would be charging her with impersonating the police.' This after the two ladies identified themselves as police officers!

What is wrong with these people? Not only are they really dumb (why didn't they ask for ID? How can they automaticallyt assume these ladies were impersonating police officers, and even if they had been the first response is to beat them?!!!), but are violent and lack the powers of reasoning.

It's a pity a higher calibre of people don't apply for these jobs.

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