Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Various Matters

Twitter only on Vodafone - Not Right
Just signed up on Twitter. How bad does it suck that you can only use Twitter on your phone in the UK if you are signed up to Vodafone (which I am not). What a grand waste of time signing up.

People Need to Damn Well Stay Home!
Serious business now. If someone is sick as in it seems like they have the flu or a cold, they need to keep their sorry arses home and not ‘valiantly’ come into the office to infect the rest of us. Management needs to be firm on this and not reward people for infecting the populace. Also, I’ve had it – I am now going to start shaming those nasty bastards who go to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands, and those who sneeze and cough without covering their mouths. Enough already – nastiness must cease to backside!

Older Folk Need Help Too
The budget is making provision for people under 25 who are out of work. No offence but how many under 25s have a mortgage and kids to feed? I think help needs to be given first and foremost to people with kids to feed – perhaps I’m being unfair and they already are but all the talk of helping the young people makes me doubtful.

Take Care on the Road Usain
Seems that Usain Bolt was in a car accident. According to the Gleaner, he and his passenger are OK. Keep safe on the roads Usain!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We must Help Each Other in These Times

This is so sad. This couple lost their jobs and then their house. They rented a garage for £10 a week to store their stuff and then ended up living in it when they lost their house. They have been found out by the landlord and will now have to move.

There but for the grace of God. . .

In these times we will all need to take much better care of each other – and some of us will have to stop being so proud and ask for help. I don't know if they had family or friends who could have helped or if they were too ashamed to ask for the help. I can understand and sympathise with this.

I call upon all Christians especially to be on the lookout for help that you can give. No one should have to live in the garage – not when there are other people around. We should help each other out.

Information Security – Mine or Theirs?

When you get a phone call from someone you don’t know and the first thing out of their mouth is ‘Can you confirm your date of birth please?’ doesn’t it drive you nuts? It happened again the other day and I refused and the agent on the phone behaved as if I had done something wrong. Madness. I asked them what they wanted and they said they couldn’t tell me until I confirmed by address and date of birth. Along with my name, which they seemed to already have wouldn’t that mean passing my security details to a complete stranger? Of course I’m not going to do it.


Remember Dorothy on Golden Girls? She died today at the age of 86. She was a good comedienne – I remember her on another show, something or other by the sea which I am told was a US version of Fawlty Towers. She will be missed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Backward Country England Can Be Sometimes!

Can you imagine the sorry state of affairs we are in? A young boy has a talent for diving – he practices, his parents support him and he becomes good enough to go to the Olympics and represent his country. He does all this by the tender age of 14. And then what? Do his friends admire the hard work that led to this success and try and learn from it? Nope. They taunt him for his success so much he has to leave his school. Read the following story in today’s Independent for more information on Tom Daley, the boy in question.

What kind of society looks down on hard work and the success that follows? A pretty sorry one I can tell you.

Citizens of England – don’t we want better than this? This is one incident, but throughout life in the UK there are many more. Up and down the country kids and adults too are making people suffer because they have worked hard and done well. It’s incredibly stupid. It helps no-one. The hard worker is incredibly distressed and in many incidents (especially with kids) stops trying in order to stop the bullying. The idiots doing the bullying stay in their idiocy and don’t find their own area of greatness or how they can contribute to society. Will it ever change here? Or will people who want to achieve something and not be penalized for it have to continue to migrate to the States?

Monday, April 13, 2009

You Cannot Control Another Person

In a story today on the BBC website, Health Secretary Alan Johnson says the Prime Minister does not have to apologise for the emails sent by his advisor Damien McBride.

I strongly agree with this. There is a pernicious notion in England today that empty gestures are worthier than relevant action. How on earth could the Prime Minister be responsible for McBride’s actions? Now, if he had done something like this before, or if his actions had signposted the PM to the likelihood he’d do this then fair enough – you could say that is bad judgement on the part of McBride’s ‘line manager’ so to say. But for heaven’s sake – you cannot control what another person does!

As a British taxpayer I would gain no solace from the PM apologising for this tawdry incident. And what to do from here? Well the party in question has resigned and as far as I can see that’s the end of it. The most that can be done is to tell relevant staff not do indulge in such stupid activities – but to be honest, if they don’t already know this they are in a sorry state indeed.

On another related note, when are people going to wake up to the fact that emails and much correspondence sent over the net is not private? For goodness sake people, remember that and if you have something private to discuss do it in person. In terms of the nature of the emails in the McBride situation – that is a symptom of our culture which is sadly geared towards Z-list celebrity worship and gossip. It’s a pity that someone engaged in what I consider to be the serious business of government is interested in that world too. As I’ve often said – if England doesn’t wake up to the fact that our culture as it now exists is destroying us as a nation we will be - well destroyed won’t we?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Shame

What happened after the Australia grand prix was not good. I hope that Lewis does not get penalised to the point that he cannot compete this year, as this would be a blow to the team, him and the fans. I understand he considers himself to be part of a team – even if his public see him as a star but I guess what this incident has hopefully taught him is that when it comes to telling the truth – that is a solo activity and not something you can leave up to the team to decide.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Slackness of the highest degree.

It is appalling what many bankers have done – been incompetent at best and criminally dishonest at worst and have been paid magnificently for it but what our politicians is doing is symptomatic of the problem at the heart of this crisis. Even after this massive fallout all anyone in power can seem to be concerned with is continuing to feather their nest. Why are MPs claiming for all of the stuff they are claiming for? They are paid; surely they should be expected to pay their bills with their salary? And if they live in London then why are they not staying in the capital at their own expense at least and if not then having a reasonable stipend? Why don’t they just build a giant hostel or commandeer some of the London council houses for the MPs? Indeed some have grace and favour (free housing to you and me) housing and are still claiming for all kinds of things.

People must be paid a fair salary for their job – no problem with that, it is right and proper. And if you are incurring expenses to do your job you should be able to claim them back. But come on – many of the things that have been revealed do not fall into these categories. People who are working hard – some of whom are suffering badly - are being made to pay for the luxurious lifestyle of others. It is not right and we must demand that it stop – instead of hoping we can jump on the gravy train too and benefit from the nasty attitude.