Friday, August 21, 2009

Translate the Success to Other Areas

The success of Jamaican athletes speaks for itself. Gold medals abound and records are being broken right left and centre. When you go further as well you can see not only dedication but skill – in a couple of the hurdles races it has been good form that has been a large part of the success as opposed to the bad form of some of the other competitors.

There must be a way to harness this attitude to other areas of life so that Jamaica can be a prosperous country.

Can you imagine, if the spirit the athletes have is taken into business and general attitudes - Jamaica would make Monaco look like an impoverished third world nation! Because of Jamaica’s size it could become an exclusive powerhouse – financially strong like the Cayman islands – but perhaps more inclusive?

While we are enjoying the success of Bolt and his compatriots we should really be thinking how this success can be put to a wider use for Jamaica.

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