Friday, August 07, 2009

Government should extend the scrappage scheme

I wonder if the government will extend the scrappage scheme? It seems to have worked for the most part. Apparently, some car makers are screwing around with the intent and raising the price of cars – what is wrong with them?

It seems to have worked in the States too and they are extending it.

On Channel 4 news last night the relevant government official insisted it would not be extended. He also insisted that VAT would go up again at the end of the year.

Both seem ridiculous to me. By all accounts and purposes the UK has been hit the hardest by the recession – why would the government scrap schemes that are helping (albeit in the case of VAT a little)? Can you imagine what’s going to happen to retailers (and of course the people who work in them) if VAT goes up again in December – during the Christmas shopping time government? Hello!!!!

Our lot have been too slow to enforce a whole bunch of things which is why we here in Blighty are suffering so much more and seemingly for so much longer. Let’s hope good sense prevails.

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