Monday, August 24, 2009

Hard work

Too many of us are too damn lazy.

If there is a goal you are trying to reach I can guarantee that the only way you are going to get there is with hard graft. Hard work has two distinct and equally important components. There’s the sweat equity, i.e. actually doing the work and doing it hard and there’s the consistency. Consistency means you need to keep at it. Keep at it how long? As long as it takes to get to your goal.

Some people bizarrely think that saying you are going to do something is as good as doing it. Some believe that a little spurt of work – say ten minutes – qualifies them to say they have worked hard at something. All of this is rubbish. Hard work means effort and it means consistency until you reach your goal.

Now get on with it.

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owen said...

A little birdy once told me there is no point of working hard if you can pay somebody else to work hard for you - win-win. So I'm saving money for a secretary. lol