Monday, August 10, 2009

The ideal working arrangement

I’ve been thinking about what that would be and I’m clear on it now. It would a situation where you would be measured by the relevance of your contribution. Where you would be rewarded for the quality of your work. Where you would be able to be as comfortable as you are in social situations. Where you could deliver what has been bought in whatever time is feasible for both buyer and seller. It would enable you to go outdoors often. It would enable to interact or not interact with many interesting people (depending on your personality).

The ideal working situation would free you up to use your experience, education and ingenuity to provide a sought after service or product for the right price. The only thing you would have to worry about would be delivering high quality on time and all the buyer would be concerned with is getting that high quality on time.

Why can’t it be like this?

Too many people in charge of working places have so many ridiculous agendas – often at the expense of making money. Their main aim often seems to be to make employees miserable and disrespected – it seems this is the only way many people can feel superior.

Those who have managed to eke out a living freelance and those who have found places to work where they allow people to feel comfortable enough to produce (Google comes to mind) are indeed fortunate. Let’s hope that we can use the credit crunch as a time for us to change the labour market for the better. Where people can have a much better work experience and where companies can reap the awesome benefits of a skilled, comfortable and well connected workforce.

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