Monday, August 17, 2009

Leave Hillary Alone

Hilary Clinton has worked hard to get the prominent jobs she has had and currently has. She decided to marry her husband and decided to stay with him in spite of what appears to have multiple instances of infidelity – this was her choice,

She ran for president and lost – must have really sucked but she has taken on her job and by all accounts has been doing very well at it.

So no wonder she was pissed off by the question in Kenya (even if it was inaccurately translated). Heck, I was mad as hell when I heard it and it wasn’t even me! Some jackasses have been making various demented comments about her being upset because it hit home that she isn’t sh** and has been living off of her husband’s glory. Rubbish! Those folks need to get a grip.

It’s the same as when she said she’d rather have a career than stay home and bake cookies – well so would I, Marks sells a lovely butter chocolate chip cookie – very reasonable at £2.50. After I pick up a batch I’ll be off to earn a crust, hopefully doing something stimulating.

The status quo has changed – women have been capable of holding high office for centuries, they have actually been doing it for decades. The world needs to catch up with reality. And they need to give Mrs. Clinton a damn break.

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