Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama a Racist? Get a Grip Beck

Glen Beck a conservative talk show host on Fox has been getting into increasing trouble over his accusations that President Obama is a racist. Beck claims that Obama hates white people.
A lot of white people just don’t get it.

Do they ever wonder how come black people don’t just rise up and kill the lot of them considering what white people have done to back people collectively? Part of the reason why I suspect they don’t is ignorance. I asked a colleague the other day who was educated in the UK to degree level what history he learned and he said he learned about World War II. I had heard rumours of this but couldn’t believe it was true. With all the things that were done through empire, the British do not teach any of it to their kids – they just teach a period of 5 years. Why? Because they must know that their own history is a litany of shameful acts of thievery and brutality to people who did nothing to them, so they prefer to focus on a period of history where thy shined. This limits them to the five years between 1939 and 1945. So the British are largely ignorant of their own history. I imagine it is possible that the same thing pertains for the Americans.

As this is very likely the case white people ware probably oblivious to the fact that most black people in the west have a significant chunk of their family who are white. You cannot hate white people without hating large numbers of your extended family – it is unthinkable.

If I hated white people I couldn’t sit in a room with some of my relatives without wanting to kill them. But when I sit in a room with them I see relative – not colour.

Most intelligent back people I know abhor the actions of white people as a whole but this doesn’t’ translate into everyday interactions with your white colleagues or family members.

If white people were more versed in their own history, which is tangled up with ours they would realise that a significant chunk of their families are black too.

For President Obama to hate white people he would have to hate his mother and his grandparents who raised him. In order to hate your mother and grandparents, you’d have to be a pretty bitter hollowed out shell of a person – he doesn’t strike me as such. When his grandmother died a day before the election result he looked pretty sad to me.

People who listen to Beck and many white people in general need to educate themselves about themselves – and they need to start thinking. For centuries this notion of demonising people who don’t look like them (for no reason other than they are different) has been nothing but harmful to both parties – both white people and non-white people. It’s time to stop this vastly unproductive habit of prejudice.

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