Thursday, December 07, 2006

WInning the Lottery and Buying a Giant Swiss Army Knife

We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery and telling our boss to shove his/her job. Well a man here in the UK did just that. He bought a scratch card, matched the numbers and won a million dollars. Ecstatic, he began to chuck money all over his desk (he was at work), ordered colleagues to buy champagne and generally had a good time. When his boss entered the scene to see what the excitement was he told him to stick his job. Then he called his girlfriend to celebrate and only then did he call the lottery people.

Turned out he hadn’t won after all; he’d missed one of the numbers. Bad luck eh?

But seriously, I feel a bit sorry for this bloke, but then he really should have double checked before cursing his boss. If I ever win such an amount, I’d have to have the cheques already cleared in my account before I begin to burn bridges – and then onto buying lovely things.

Speaking of buying things, have you seen the latest Swiss Army knife? Have a look at the picture above.
Now I know it looks ridiculous, and the manufacturers (Wenger) of what is called the new Giant Swiss Army knife do admit that this one’s ‘practicality is limited.’ According to the Guardian story Wenger says that ‘its purpose is partly to promote the company.’ It has 85 devices and weighs about 2lbs and costs about £450 so you’ll hardly be dropping it in your handbag – but it would be cool to back it out when you’re with your friends one evening wouldn’t it?

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