Friday, December 22, 2006

Slipping into a Recreation of 30s Germany

In the Guardian we were told that the Home office wants to start with ‘non-European foreigners’ in terms of forcing them to give up biometric data if they wish to continue to live and work here.

Many British people including seemingly the government are so racist it is disgusting. Let us be frank. ‘Non-European foreigner’ means black and Asian people. Believe me, the Brits are not concerned about Americans, Canadians Australians or New Zealanders (white ones of course).
Stating that only this group of people needs to be fingerprinted etc. before coming to this country or before being allowed to stay if they are already here is tantamount to saying only black and Asian people are the cause of crime in the UK. Ridiculous.

A move like this is all predicated on the premise that all things that are bad for this country come only from non-Europeans – this is just as bad as what they did to the Jews in Germany in the 30s and why should the UK feel that they should have access to information about foreign nationals that even the governments of these foreign countries don’t have on their own people? How would the British feel if they had to provide this type of information before going to foreign countries? They’d be up in arms that’s what would happen. Campaigners are threatening to sue the government saying the move is discriminatory. I wish them well.

Bahamas anyone?

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