Monday, December 11, 2006

Caribbean People Doing Well All Over

Read an interesting story in today’s Gleaner about this Jamaican born man who is a very successful farmer in Devon, in the UK.

When he came on the scene the locals called him ‘that black farmer’ so he used their labelling him as such as his trade name. His brand is called The Black Farmer. Check out the Gleaner story here and his website here

In the Independent, Viv Richards gives a vivid and glowing account of life in Antigua. I’ve only visited there twice and on both occasions it was on tour with the University Singers, so I didn’t see much of the island. But what I did see (mostly Fort Charles beach) I did like very much. Check out the story here

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De Immigrant said...

Can't help but be proud of any West Indian man that has become independently wealthy a foreign. I strive torwards that goal daily.
I was in Antigua earlier this year, small and somewhat congested, but still beautiful & peaceful. I think they really do have 365 beaches!I was there for 5 days only saw one cop!