Saturday, December 30, 2006

CCTV in Jamaica

Was reading the editorial in the Gleaner the other day. It was expounding on the benefits of CCTV in assisting in catching criminals and wondering why there didn't seem to be much will to implement it in Jamaica.

I wonder myself. As the editorial said, it doesn't cost much and even so, various neighbourhood watches could be asked to help pay the cost. It is even more relevant in Jamaica when there are so many instances of communities not being able to identify known criminals because of fear of reprisal killings.

Come on people, get on with implementing something so simple, inexpensive but so helpful. The prime reason people leave Jamaica is crime, the prime reason well educated people who could get well paying jobs in Jamaica don't return is fear of being killed. SO if there is something that can help in the huge battle against crime, which is helping to keep Jamaican down, why on earth not do it?

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Mad Bull said...

Oh, I agree with this, big time!