Saturday, December 16, 2006

A First in the UK

For the first time ever this evening in the UK a black person and a female won a phone-in singing competition.

What has usually happened here is no matter how good a black artiste is they are always voted off as quickly as possible, no matter how bad the white contestants sound. In addition, traditionally the winner will be some acne ridden tennage white boy, because those who vote the most are thrteen year old white girls.

This year the final two were the above mentioned teenaged boy, Ray and Leona a mixed race (black and white) female singer. Ray can only sing swing songs, and those only passably well, whereas Leona makes Maria Carey look like a failed back-up singer! And that is hard to do as Mariah sounds fantastic. Ray had no business being in the final and the poor sod who got voted off in his place was reallly good too.

In the final Leona so outclassed Ray that it was embarrassing and it is lovely to see the British public finally begin to join the worldwide community of civilised people who are able to judge on merit and not on appearance.

It's also nice to see UK girls growing a spirit of solidarity and vision too - hopefully some of them gave up the futile hope of some pop star going out with them and replaced it with the hope that one day, they too might become an excellent (you fill in the blank, depending on what you want to do.)

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