Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Plight of the White Working Class continued

A story in today’s Independent on the rise of the BNP in Barking, in East London backs up my comments of yesterday and sheds new light on the attitudes of working class white Britons. If you’re interested in reading the article in full it is called ‘How the BNP is gaining ground in Barking with a campaign of lies and distortions and was written by Cahal Milmo . Here’s the link for it:

The article begins by saying that a 67 year old woman in the community who lives next to the Longbridge Road campus buildings (she has lived there for 30 years) wants to move because in her words, "The asylum-seekers are coming. They're taking over. It's not British here any more."

Apparently many of the locals believe this because the BNP said so. Never occurred to them that the BNP is lying, which it is. According to the article and the authorities, the site will be part of a regeneration project involving low-rent housing.

Unfortunately this fact hasn’t got in the way of the BNP influencing the locals. What does this say about the locals? To me it says they are basically racist and are clutching at an excuse to go back to the good old days of openly being so. It also says they are probably uneducated and thick to boot – you can be uneducated and intelligent, hence the qualification. If they were smart and well meaning, they would know the lying, racist, criminal background of the BNP and check any ‘facts’ coming from them. But they don’t. They take the BNP’s word for it. Stupid people.

All of this activity is in aid of next month’s local elections, for which BNP spin is going into overdrive.

The article also alludes to the alleged use by the BNP of vacant addresses as candidate’s homes. According to election rules, candidates must live or work in the area for which they are standing. According to the article two BNP candidates are registered as living in a derelict dwelling. When visited by the reporter there was no answer. The BNP’s response to this through their spokesman was

"These are legitimate addresses. Sometimes candidates choose not to answer the door."

Not satisfied with recruiting the votes of the already pathologically stupid, they try to influence the rest of us into becoming intellectually vacant!

The lady says she is not against helping a few migrants but doesn’t want a whole centre for asylum seekers (even though they aren’t getting one). She stated that families who were born in the UK should be given first choice. No problem with this, I believe in taking care of your own. But I wonder if she would maintain this line of thought if the housing was given to some black or Asian UK born citizens? Mmmm. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Also, she needs to establish if there is a dire need for housing for UK born people. If there is fine, give it to them first, but what would she and her like feel about giving needed housing to immigrants, once the needs of UK born people were taken care of? If we in the UK had spare housing and other resources, being a wealthy country with a low birth rate and a home grown population unqualified and and/or unwilling to do many of the jobs that need to be done, would she welcome immigrants with open arms?

According to the article, another lovely bit of news the BNP is spreading is that immigrants are being presented with £50,000 grants to buy houses in the area. Housing is a sensitive issue. According to the article and the authorities, these grants don’t exist. Again praying on intellectually lazy people who are willing to believe anything that backs up their already pre-conceived notions.

According to the article Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking said

“. . .mainstream politicians had failed to address the local issues - such as a shortage of council housing - that were allowing racism to thrive, and prompting eight out of 10 of the white families in Barking to admit they were tempted to vote for the BNP.

Now, as far as I understand council housing is low cost housing subsidised by the council for people who cannot afford private housing i.e. can’t’ afford to rent or buy privately. Why in the UK is there such an emphasis on state assisted living? I can’t understand why so many people in such a wealthy country can’t afford to stand on their own too feet and earn a living? Why do so many people feel entitled to help or handouts? You don’t hear of people who earn a full living, (even if it is not easy), complaining about these issues do you? Perhaps the answer lies in a certain class of British people being more responsible for themselves and the livelihoods of their families and perhaps taking on some of the jobs only immigrants will do – in order to take care of themselves. Its amazing – these stupid racists (I know, it’s a tautology) complain about immigrants, many of whom do the dirty, low paid jobs whites won’t do, and at the same time complain that they have nothing by the way income or housing! Here’s a tip. If you got off your arse and worked no matter how difficult or dirty or low paid the job, there’d be less immigrants and you’d have more cash for your own housing!

Anyway, I digress.

Again, according to the article the non-white population of Barking and Dagenham is now 15%. Now seriously, if you are concerned that ‘your kind’ (and we are talking an economically and socially dominant ‘your kind’) is ‘only’ 85% of the population surely you can’t be concerned about being overrun? You are in the vast majority. And even if the numbers changed so that your majority lessened, what exactly is the problem? Are these new people making your area better or worse – in real terms now not imaginary racist terms i.e. are there more taxes being put into the local economy because of their existence, more money being spent on services thereby contributing to the local economy, more cultures to widen your horizons?

The article ends with some telling statistics of Barking. It says that 39.5% of 16-74 year olds have no qualifications. Get that, 39.5% of 16-74 year olds have no way of being employed in anything but unskilled labour – the same labour probably being done by immigrants. Therefore instead of blaming imaginary asylum centres for their woes, the voters of Barking need to blame to 39.5% of 16-74 year olds who are sitting on their arses! It says that only 56 % of the same age range are employed. Also, 19.9% of them claim disability benefit. Now I don’t mean to diss the disabled, but funnily enough, most of the disabled people I know work and don’t collect benefit. Your are led to wonder if some of this 19.9% really are unable to work in any type of job.

According to the article Barking and Dagenham has 67,300 people. 80.9 % are white British; 4.4 % are black Africans; 2.3% are Indians and 2.1% are black Caribbeans. I however don’t know if the figures for the non-whites mean they were all born outside of the UK. I find it hard to believe there are no British born people living her of black or Asian ancestry. But then there is a tendency to class anyone not white as other, regardless of whether or not they were born here.

All in all as I said yesterday, if this is to change the stupidity has to stop. The trouble is that instead of consistently pointing out the lies of the far right and consistently reiterating straightforward truths plus dealing with real issues the Tories and Labour try to answer the far right by spinning their own brand of nonsense. In other words, they know the electorate is largely deep down racist, ergo stupid and so they pander to it. If they keep it up there will be hell to pay in the UK in the coming years. It’ll be the 1970s all over again and I wouldn’t want to re-live those experiences again I can tell you.

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