Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Imprisoning politicians

Politicians around the Caribbean are probably now quaking in their boots as they realise that with the precedent set in Trinidad, they too could soon be visiting the big house. I was shocked when I saw they had sentenced Basdeo to two years hard labour and did wonder if it was a hoax. I mean have you ever heard of any politician paying for dishonesty or corruption in any way? If anything most of them just go a way quietly to fight again another day. Scandal after scandal melt into each other with most of us just shrugging our shoulders and getting on with life, believing that lying and corruption are part and parcel of politics. If his sentence isn’t overturned and he does go to jail it would seem as if there is a wind of change about. Inhabitants of Gordon House had better take sleep and mark death.


Abeni said...


What's Gordon House? Whose parliament?

Ps.Thanks for dropping by my site

Charles said...

Can you imagine if a former Prime Minister of Jamaica was sentenced to prison?
(BTW thanks for the encouraging comments)

Chief Lymer said...

Ah, I could actually . . . and you're welcome.

Chief Lymer said...

To Abeni, Gordon House is where the Jamaican parliament meets.