Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Plight of the White Working Class

We hear that white working class British feel ignored by the Labour government which is why it is predicted by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust tells that up to 25% of British voters could vote BNP. The trouble is people are too damn stupid and listen to and act upon hearsay not facts – plus they’re too damn lazy to find out if what they are hearing is true . Add to this the general level of racism prevalent amongst the white working class that prevents them from even having a sensible conversation with someone from an ethnic minority, much less being friends with them to understand them fully and you have a recipe for disaster.

Some of the actions that have created this feeling of neglect amongst the white working class are based on lies, and much of it is created by equally stupid, white middle class idiots. Idiots for e.g. who decide that at Christmas, there shouldn’t be any Christmas celebrations in shopping centres because it will offend the Muslims, or the Sikhs. I bet you none of the people making these decisions have ever asked a Muslim what they think of Christmas celebrations. Well I have. I happen to have Muslim friends and let me tell you they couldn’t give a toss if we celebrate Christmas, just like we aren’t concerned with their celebrations. The fact of the matter is that people of faith, generally have respect for other people of faith and their right to practice it. Muslims aren’t daft. They know that the UK purports to be Christian (they also know it isn’t Christian but that’s for anther post) and they expect Christmas to be celebrated. It’s because the planks in the white British middle and working class can’t be bothered to associate with people who don’t look like them that you end up with much of the misunderstandings. (Plus the fact that they are on a whole a faithless people) Now I know for a fact that it is not all white people who behave like, this, but sadly, it is very many, who out of unfounded fear and ignorance and in some cases downright idiocy, cling to the notion that ‘other’ is evil and to be avoided.

The only way for this to stop and for white working class people to not feel neglected by their elected government is for them to take an interest in gathering facts about those issues which affect their lives. Facts about housing in their area, medical facilities, the state of local schools (sit on your kid’s PTA for God’s sake and take your sorry arse to parents’ evening!). Seymour is a teacher in a working class neighbourhood and on parents’ evening he’s lucky if one turns up.

They should watch and read the news to see what is happening in the world and what legislation is coming into to effect that will affect them and their families; belong to their neighbourhood watch and gang up on the local yobs; pressure their council to pull its socks up and provide the services for which they pay the extortionate council taxes; learn how to drink alcohol responsibly and encourage their kids to do likewise; darken the door of their local library once in a while; befriend a few people who don’t look like them and get the facts from the horses mouth on issues relating to immigration and asylum. For instance, do you know that if you are an immigrant your passport will be stamped with your Visa which says you don’t have access to public funds, even though you pay income tax and make NI contributions? Therefore immigrants can’t go on benefits. If you talk to a few immigrants and a few asylum seekers you might learn something.

They should take an interest in the people and the world around them, take an active role in local politics and community and push for the needs of their communities on the basis that all hardworking taxpayers or whatever ethnic background, deserve to be treated with decency.

If this were to happen, the BNP would be treated as the sick joke that it should be.

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