Monday, April 03, 2006

The fountain of Jamaican youth

Had a conversation today with one of my co-workers. It’s a conversation that has taken place before.

What prompted the conversation was my co-worker’s comment that Portia, at 60 really did indeed look a lot younger (I had said so before). Her contention (as is that of my other UK co-workers) is that black people naturally look younger than other races, especially white people. In their opinion it is a natural thing endemic to black skin.

I contended that it the youthful looks are attributable to lifestyle – diet etc. From where I sit, having lived in Jamaica and also the UK, and having observed women in both places I’ve noted the following:

British Woman

Effect of looks

Jamaican Women

Effect of looks

Many of them smoke

Will dry out your skin and invite wrinkles

Most don’t smoke

Healthy skin

Desire to be very thin

Gaunt look with skin stretched over bones

Desire to be voluptuous

Less wrinkles, healthier skin

Drink a lot of alcohol, regularly

Will dry out your skin and invite wrinkles

Drink quite moderately. Drunkenness is a definite cultural no-no in Jamaica

Healthy skin

Many sit under a sun tanning light regularly

Will dry out your skin and invite wrinkles

Don’t try to tan

Healthy skin

Eat a lot of preservative laden food

Not too sure but probably not good for your constitution

Eat more natural foods – not so many pre-packaged meals

Healthier all around

From the above, I think it’s clear that the issue has nothing to do with a natural youthfulness and has everything to do with lifestyle and habits.

There’s an ad on the TV about the NHS stop smoking service and one girl on it shows just how much you can change your skin tone for the better just by quitting smoking.

What do you all think?

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Thalia in Jamaica said...

Nikki - I totally agree with the cultural skin differences. I also notice that a lot of foreign white people seem to be uncomfortable with their paleness. Most Jamaican reds just go with it, wear sunscreen cuz dem know sey dem skin need it and jam anyway. No loading up with makeup and woy woy to achieve a browning look. Plus let's not forget the "Can I just get some water please?" What a people can hydrate!!