Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Read the Bible for the Facts

With all the fuss about the Da Vinci Code I thought I’d put my 2cents worth in.

I shall start by saying I am a Christian and this of course directs how I form my opinions on everything. Also, I have read the book and seen the film – which is more than I can say for some of the critics of both!

I see the book as a work of fiction. I in no way believe any of the theories put forward and neither have they shaken my faith. Indeed they shouldn’t shake a strong Christian’s faith – where there is danger is with new Christians – but if they ask questions of a more experienced Christian, they shouldn’t have a problem getting straightened out on the many untruths in the book.

Now, quite a few Christians mostly Catholics, are outraged at the theories put forth in the book and have demonstrated against the film. For me this is an idiotic response. As a Christian, you know what you believe – you seriously can’t expect non-Christians to share your reverence for Christ – they don’t, get over it!
What these people should be busying themselves with is spreading the gospel to as many people as possible directly and through their lives as witnesses. For many non-Christians, the only time they see a Christian in action is when they are protesting about non-Christians behaving in a non-Christian fashion! This is itself irrational. How do you expect a non-Christian to behave?

Energy is best spent spreading the gospel and supporting our fellow Christians whose faith might need shoring up. Parading in front of a cinema with a placard helps no-one but the distributors of the film who just make more money based on the publicity you provide free of cost.

Should Christians read the book or watch the film? Up to you. I think if your faith is weak, I think you shouldn’t, but if your faith is strong it would be helpful to watch it to know how to talk to non-Christians about it. I don’t find the theories put forward distasteful oddly enough – they just seem to be ludicrous. I feel a sense of incredulity for anyone who believes they could be true, Christian or non-Christian. There’s so much historical evidence that a lot of it is fiction.

To be honest, before I read the book this year, I had never heard of this theory. If I had been asked about it by a non-Christian I would have been shocked and disgusted (how I felt when I read the book) and unable to answer.

After digesting it a bit and going to the Bible for backative I was able to be more objective. Dan Brown has constructed the book in an excellent fashion – it is a page turner. Personally I don’t believe it is right to produce a story perpetuating what I believe to be lies in order to get sales – but that’s me, I’m a Christian. Perhaps Mr. Brown is not and probably operates according to different rules to me.

For anyone having doubts or questions about the theories put forth in his book I strongly encourage you to talk to your minister or if you aren’t a Christian and don’t go to church then find a minister at your local church and go and ask some relevant questions, or even better, go to an Alpha course. Google it if you don’t know what they are.

In all of this remember - there is no mention whatsoever in the Bible of any grail. What Christ did after the last supper when he was crucified for us all is the important thing to consider, not one of the many cups he may or may not have drunk out of once.


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