Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Save the Ice Cream Van!

The local papers here were saying the other day that the health mafia are clamouring for the eradication of the ice cream van. Apparently they aid in the bad eating habits of UK children.

Come on! It's not like each kid gets an ice cream cone in replacement of a meal each day! Perhaps once a week they'll have one for a treatbut that's it.

The story did seem to focus on the vans going anywhere near schools, but I don't see why it should be a problem.

Instead of trying to put the humble ice cream van man out of business perhaps they should concentrate on helping parents spend enought time with their kids so that they can watch what they eat - more flexi-time at work would be a start!

Speaking of ice cream vans, does the Sunny Jim van still sell stewed peas and curried goat?



Thalia in Jamaica said...

HAHAHAHA writing tenders in a gold lame b'rider!!

Michael Johnson is too much. Everybody knows someone who is quiet - nothing wrong with quietly excelling - remember Mellisa Ali? and u were a quiet pursuer of excellence urself maam. That man doesn't see that track has enough diva? GWAAN TRU ASAFA!

Chief Lymer said...

I agree, hear hear. Wonder what happened to melissa?