Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What are we Really Worth?

I was reading some news stories yesterday and one of the major ones related to abortion.

It seems that some women are terminating pregnancies at as late as 20 weeks, because their unborn child has a club foot, cleft palate or in one case, twelve fingers.

I was so saddened and angry when I read this. These are all easily fixed problems - I should know I was born with twelve fingers and soon after birth the extra little finger on each hand was removed. And this was 1972!

One couple 's child had one hand missing and the father gave his reason for aborting this child as he (the child) wouldn't be able to do normal things like play sport!

In some cases, people's GPs were recommending they abort for these reasons.

I am so disgusted! What is wrong with people? Words cannot express how upset this has made me.

I know there has been a lot of debate around abortion and in some cases particularly when a woman is raped or if proceeding will jeopardise a woman's life, or if the foetus is incredibly handicapped and will surely die I can see why people would want to. But because of an extra finger that can easily be removed?

People really need to reasses their humanity and what they believe they are here for. They need to consider the implications of parenthood. To me these people are monsters - to want to terminate a pregnancy when you are five months along to me is ridiculous.

I mean by five months your bump is noticeable, the child is kicking - it is real. What kind of a callous bastard would kill their child at this stage - because of an easily fixed cosmetic problem?

The obsession with appearances has become insidious.

What is happening to us?

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