Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Backward Country England Can Be Sometimes!

Can you imagine the sorry state of affairs we are in? A young boy has a talent for diving – he practices, his parents support him and he becomes good enough to go to the Olympics and represent his country. He does all this by the tender age of 14. And then what? Do his friends admire the hard work that led to this success and try and learn from it? Nope. They taunt him for his success so much he has to leave his school. Read the following story in today’s Independent for more information on Tom Daley, the boy in question.

What kind of society looks down on hard work and the success that follows? A pretty sorry one I can tell you.

Citizens of England – don’t we want better than this? This is one incident, but throughout life in the UK there are many more. Up and down the country kids and adults too are making people suffer because they have worked hard and done well. It’s incredibly stupid. It helps no-one. The hard worker is incredibly distressed and in many incidents (especially with kids) stops trying in order to stop the bullying. The idiots doing the bullying stay in their idiocy and don’t find their own area of greatness or how they can contribute to society. Will it ever change here? Or will people who want to achieve something and not be penalized for it have to continue to migrate to the States?

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