Monday, April 27, 2009

We must Help Each Other in These Times

This is so sad. This couple lost their jobs and then their house. They rented a garage for £10 a week to store their stuff and then ended up living in it when they lost their house. They have been found out by the landlord and will now have to move.

There but for the grace of God. . .

In these times we will all need to take much better care of each other – and some of us will have to stop being so proud and ask for help. I don't know if they had family or friends who could have helped or if they were too ashamed to ask for the help. I can understand and sympathise with this.

I call upon all Christians especially to be on the lookout for help that you can give. No one should have to live in the garage – not when there are other people around. We should help each other out.

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