Monday, April 06, 2009

Slackness of the highest degree.

It is appalling what many bankers have done – been incompetent at best and criminally dishonest at worst and have been paid magnificently for it but what our politicians is doing is symptomatic of the problem at the heart of this crisis. Even after this massive fallout all anyone in power can seem to be concerned with is continuing to feather their nest. Why are MPs claiming for all of the stuff they are claiming for? They are paid; surely they should be expected to pay their bills with their salary? And if they live in London then why are they not staying in the capital at their own expense at least and if not then having a reasonable stipend? Why don’t they just build a giant hostel or commandeer some of the London council houses for the MPs? Indeed some have grace and favour (free housing to you and me) housing and are still claiming for all kinds of things.

People must be paid a fair salary for their job – no problem with that, it is right and proper. And if you are incurring expenses to do your job you should be able to claim them back. But come on – many of the things that have been revealed do not fall into these categories. People who are working hard – some of whom are suffering badly - are being made to pay for the luxurious lifestyle of others. It is not right and we must demand that it stop – instead of hoping we can jump on the gravy train too and benefit from the nasty attitude.

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