Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Various Matters

Twitter only on Vodafone - Not Right
Just signed up on Twitter. How bad does it suck that you can only use Twitter on your phone in the UK if you are signed up to Vodafone (which I am not). What a grand waste of time signing up.

People Need to Damn Well Stay Home!
Serious business now. If someone is sick as in it seems like they have the flu or a cold, they need to keep their sorry arses home and not ‘valiantly’ come into the office to infect the rest of us. Management needs to be firm on this and not reward people for infecting the populace. Also, I’ve had it – I am now going to start shaming those nasty bastards who go to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands, and those who sneeze and cough without covering their mouths. Enough already – nastiness must cease to backside!

Older Folk Need Help Too
The budget is making provision for people under 25 who are out of work. No offence but how many under 25s have a mortgage and kids to feed? I think help needs to be given first and foremost to people with kids to feed – perhaps I’m being unfair and they already are but all the talk of helping the young people makes me doubtful.

Take Care on the Road Usain
Seems that Usain Bolt was in a car accident. According to the Gleaner, he and his passenger are OK. Keep safe on the roads Usain!

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