Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tony to leave according to papers

So Tony Blair is to leave next year according to the papers here tonight. We'll see what they all say in the morning but it looks like he's finally getting the message. I do hope that Gordon Brown can clean up the party and take it back to Old Labour. I must tell you it's a pretty depressing time when I go to vote right now. There's no way I'm voting Tory, and the Lib Dems have gone crazy since they chucked Charles Kennedy out. In my district there's no independent candidate and I'm sure as hell not voting for the BNP candidate! I've been unhappy with Labour for a while but have felt there's been no option. Let's see if I can feel confident in voting for them again after Blair has gone on to earn his millions on the lecture circuit.

It's a crying shame you know, he started off well and just got into bad company with the Jackass from Texas. He's really cocked up what could have been a great legacy. Three terms you know, three terms! Why oh why would you want to cock that legacy up?


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