Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Today has been nothing but remebrances of September 11.

I hate it.

Why on earth do they have to constantly rehash it? Not out of any feelings for the victims. And you should see the terrible programmes TV has come up with. There's been the 911 milionare widows, the Man Who Predicted 911 and my personal favourite, the 911 liars - a group of people who apparently lie about having a loved one die in the attacks.

Enough already - let the people dem rest in peace.

One thing all of this reminds me of though - the fact that every day thousands of people are killed in horrible circumstances - but the world doesn't care.

Things will only collectively get better when we all feel that EVERY life lost in brutal circumstances counts. There's a part of me that is disgusted with all the grief over 911. I'm not saying that we shouldn't feel grief and anger - but at the same time, is the extent of the grief and anger because the people that died were of a certain world?

This isn't splitting hairs - it's something humanity has to seriously look at. All over the world there are different groups of people who place life of a certain background and colour in a higher value category than others. Perhaps if we didn't there'd be more room for us wanting to prevent attacks and more room for helping the victims of them.

I wish the survivors of the attacks well. I also pray for peace of mind and ongoing safety, which most of them will have (the safety that is). But I also would like to take the anniversary of 911 and remember the millions of people throughout the world who have died in similar circmstances, for whom the world does not weep and who probably have no peace of mind whatsoever because the threat of atrocities re-occuring is high and ever present.

God bless.

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