Sunday, September 24, 2006


Was watching an interview today of Gordon Brown, the British Chancellor (equivalent to Finance Minister) and apparent heir to Tony Blair. And it brought to mind what really irritates me about some aspects of political journalism.

The journalist kept asking various versions of the same question - basically he wanted Gordon to either embarrass the PM and the administration or speak on behalf of the PM re his intentions. Now the questions he was asking, it was obvious the Chancellor could and would not answer them, yet he kept on at it.

I am finding more and more that this type of journalism really annoys me. It does nothing for me as a taxpayer - it only hopes to evoke or draw out a scandal. I wish they'd ask probing questions about policies that affect me as a (heavy) taxpayer. Sometmes it seems that the British media and politicians live in their own little mutually beneficial world where the objective is fame. I exclude from this the Independent which I find to be an excellent paper, giving pertinent and relevant facts regardless of what the useless scandal of the day is.

Anyway, later.

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