Sunday, September 10, 2006

Delusional People

I've been watching the audition rounds of the X-Factor and His Royal Highness and I are amazed at how delusional some of the people are.

We love to watch this show at this stage because many of the people are so cringingly bad - we laugh until we are weak!.

But I can't believe that some of them seem to genuinely believe that they have a chance! Have they no friends? Have they ever listened to themselves? Clearly not.

I would love to be in the room when they are auditioning - it's one of the few ocasions I get to really laugh hard.

I haven't had the chance to see the Jamaican talent search type show - missed it when I was on the rock in July. Is it just as funny as watching say American Idol? Let me know. Also, if anyone has any clips or can point me in the right direction (if they are funny) drop me a line.


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