Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We must get smart

So some Cadbury’s workers went to protest outside of parliament – to stop the new owners shedding their jobs. It really is time for us to grow some brains – and the union rep who was with them is either an idiot or incompetent.

Let me spell it out in simple terms people: When a company agrees to be sold to another and the sale goes through, as long as no laws have been broken and there are no issue with competition from the new entity – then the government HAS NO SAY IN THE EMPLOYMENT OR SACKING OF EMPLOYEES!!!!

Going to protest to the government is a big arse waste of time and anyone with any sense would know that. It is a harsh reality that people lose their jobs when companies merge or change hands but the smart way to approach this problem is to a) position yourself as a worker that has something spectacular to offer the new company or b) look for another job.

Come on people – to coin a phrase, I know you can be dumb but do you have to be THAT dumb?

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