Monday, February 08, 2010

Post Office Documentary Shocking

I am watching the Dispatches documentary on channel four right now on the post office. It is frightening!

Right now one postal worker is refusing to serve a customer because he rang the bell. (Uhm, you're supposed to, in order to get someone to deal with you).

Also, a lot of people are getting a 'you were out' postcard when they are home. That's definitely happened to me - I've had to foot it down the street after a few postmen who never even knocked on the door.

Now I know this is unlikely to be how all postal workers are but for a public facing service industry there seems to too many people without the service vocation - or even basic professional pride. I've often been in jobs I didn't like and thought I was being exploited in but I have not given customers or clients less of a service as a result - it's nothing to do with them and I have professional courtesy. This needs to be the case whatever job you do. If things are that bad - quit.

There seems to be a terrible attitude amongst many of them - a sort of sense of entitlement. A lack of professionalism. Is it that the only way you can get basic professionalism to pay people very high salaries? In that case the service won't be feasible and more and more people and businesses will use alternative services. Then these postal workers will have to look for work in the re-vamped public sector or the private sector - God help them then.

Sorry to the hardworking of you out there. It's a shame that the bad ones let down everyone but even a few bad ones in a service like this taint the whole service.


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