Saturday, January 02, 2010

Your own personal time capsule

So a new year has started again. For most people, this means making resolutions. Funnily enough for me a new year doesn’t mean making resolutions – it means pledging to regularly keep a diary.

I’ve kept diaries before – trouble has been I have found re-reading them depressing. That changed last night though. I re-read my last diary which spanned 1998 to 2000 and it was very enlightening. It helped me to see what I was and instead of despairing I see how to improve and know I can.

Now my reasoning for keeping a diary is that it helps you to keep an accurate record of what you used to be like when you were younger and an accurate record of previous events. We often claim to remember exactly how things transpired but I have found that I actually don’t. I also think that I am quite sensible and have not made certain terrible, repeat mistakes but it turns out that’s a load of hogwash too after last night’s read! So all in all it is a useful exercise. I would suggest you try it – just don’t whatever you do, do it online or even on your computer. This is something that should definitely be handwritten and locked in a little box somewhere – your own personal time capsule.

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