Monday, January 04, 2010

Are mobility scooters a menace? A story today on BBC’s website.

Interesting point. In my opinion they wouldn’t be a menace if they were used properly. For me the greatest problem is having to dodge them in the road. I can’t count the amount of times I have seen pensioners driving them in the road like they are cars – I saw one gentleman trundling across the entrance to the slip road to the motorway one day. The riders seem to be oblivious to the danger they could cause – to themselves and to motorists. I do wonder what possesses those who drive in the road –have they taken leave of their senses? Are they suicidal? Or are they just massively thick? Anyway you look at it they need o be punished for driving in the road severely enough for it to frighten them into not doing it. I get the sense people think it’s quaint or funny when this happens from the bemused spectators. If it was my loved one I wouldn’t find it funny.

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