Monday, June 08, 2009

Stop Lying

There are a number of political parties in existence in the UK. There are the three majors and more than five minors. Let me list the parties (apart from the majors and the BNP) that were on the ballot in my neighbourhood:

1) The Christian Party
2) The English Democrat Party
3) Jury Team
4) No2EU Yes to Democracy
5) Pro Democracy Libertas:eu
6) Socialist Labour Party]
7) The Green Party

That means if you were disaffected with the three majors –apart from the racist BNP voters had a choice of 8 parties.

If out of the total 12 party choices you had, you decided to go for the racist party – you are a racist – not a disaffected voter. Full stop. Stop lying.

White British voters should really stop and take stock and ask themselves ‘What does it say about us when people who claim to be disaffected with the major parties decide to vote for the racists?’ This is a very dangerous state of affairs. If we as a human race insist of failing to learn from past mistakes we will be doomed to repeat them. How many times in the past have evil and stupid people used disaffection with the status quo as an excuse to enact all manner of barbaric racist acts?

If you really aren’t a racist there needs to be some introspection and some honest debate and some gathering of facts. Too many times I hear these people who have decided to vote BNP and claim not to be racists, spouting information that is incorrect and it’s quite obvious they haven’t bothered to source any facts.

People, running a country involves a wide range of very important issues – if you think that the UK can be run solely on the premise than anyone not white shouldn’t be here – you make a sad mistake.

If you vote BNP you are a racist. If you say otherwise you are a racist and a liar.

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