Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please Take Care

What has happened today in Ireland is a disgrace. Sadly it is not too surprising.

What many Brits take to be tolerance and progress in areas of what they call race relations and what I call basic decency - has largely been a joke.

Here's what's happened over the past twenty or thirty years:

Non-white people have become sick of racist attacks - often after particulaly traumatic events. They have then been pushed to fight back and through this fight legislation has been enacted - under duress mind - so that white people cannot discriminate - let me correct myself, so that white people cannot be caught discriminating.

There has been no heart change - no introspection about the evil nature of being a racist in the hearts of white people as a whole - it's just the cultural climate and laws that have kept them in the closet.

Now, with the resurgence of the racists by getting elected under the guise of people being unhappy with the mainstream parties they are coming back out - hence events like what happened to those 20 Romanian families in Ireland.

People, the legislation has been enacted what is needed now is heart change but only white people can do this!

Non-white people, sadly that means we're screwed as far as I can see.

But we can do our part. It is our duty to call white people on being racist and stop keeping quiet and sucking it up. And I'm not talking about prosecutions and suing I'm talking about reason and 'drawing a crowd.' So when they make racist comments no mater how unobtrusive they might seem call them on it publicly. When they are silent on issues like those in Ireland, bring them up and force them out into the open. Sadly though, it is over to them. We cannot change their hearts for them.

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