Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stop the Assault on Reason

I highly recommend a book called ‘The Assault on Reason” by former US Vice President Al Gore. In it he intelligently presents the case that without reason democracies cannot function.

One of the arguments he gives is that if the electorate is more concerned with the minutiae of ZZ list celebrities than they are about issues that affect them, then corrupt governments can continue to exploit the electorate.

This is exactly what happens in the UK. The last election, (the one w few weeks ago) the turnout was less that 40% I believe – it was definitely less than 50%. That means that a minority of the British electorate has decided who is in power. That is not what democracy is supposed to be about! I get the impression that most people believe democracy is a one way street – with governments supposed to do all and the public nothing. But we the public are the ones who have the power to put politicians in charge and the keep them there. If you don’t exercise that right and responsibility to vote then how can you expect things to function in a way that is beneficial to the electorate?

It is time for British people to wake up and take an interest in the things that affect us. Which cretinous idiot is doing what mind bogglingly stupid activity on a brain dead watching show like Big Brother is of now consequence. Indeed, if the electorate was doing and being what they should – there would be no market for Big Brother-like shows. Now, we need to be concerned with and knowledgeable about the issues that affect us and our families. And people that will take some effort. This will mean reading stuff and extrapolating from it and asking questions and taking part – like getting off your arse and voting.

Let’s get it together shall we?

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