Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tidbits from here and there

Ten most embarrassing moments on stage this year. I know it’s terrible but some of this is very funny.


The Guardian and other papers are saying that apparently women prefer men with more feminine looks. Which women? Not the ones I know.


This story is about a man who was asleep in his bed at 6:10 one Tuesday morning. The thief breaks into his flat on the 4th floor and he wakes and confronts him. They argue and the thief falls from the window and is now critical. Guess who got arrested and could face life in prison? Yep – the homeowner. Read the story carefully – here in the UK if you chase a tief from yu yard and the tief gets injured YOU will be prosecuted. What kinda bad wud bad wud bad wud foolishness is this? I’m off now to thump something.


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