Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Just come out of a bank holiday here in the UK and today was back to work - what fun! (not).

I've just recently started to watch Heroes - never paid it much attention until stumbling upon it one bored evening. Now I'm hooked. It's really a great storyline - and the type of thing that leaves you wondering what happens next. Trust me that doesn't happen much in UK TV. Here magazines will tell you the cliffhanger to a series months in advance! Crazy I think. It's the same with trailers for TV shows, the announcer basically tells you the plot - we've taken to muting the telly when they come on.

Sad really - there are a couple of really good, well produced TV shows done here - notably Spooks and Hustle but they are in the minority. SO we find ourselves watching US TV for the most part - CSI (all of them), Law and Order (all of them), Shark, House etc.

Well - I'm off to wait for tomorrow's episode of Heroes.

In other news - what the heck happened to Asafa?!!. His Royal Highness and I watched speechless. The pain however was greatly alleviated with Veronica's performance.

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