Thursday, August 30, 2007

Criminal Activity in the Name of Animal Rights

The Guardian headline reads 'Animal rights group 'has contaminated Savlon' See here for the story,,2159074,00.html

Yep, once again some irresponsible idiots have decided that harming people is justifiable in the name of 'protecting' animals.

Some arseholes have contaminated tubes of Savlon (so they say) in a protest aimed at the manufacturers of this antiseptic cream- who they claim are linked to an organisation that deals with animal testing.

These people disgust me. They should be thrown in jail for very long periods of time. Anyone that puts animal welfare above human welfare should be treated like the imbeciles they are.

No one says that you should mistreat animals - they are to be taken care of yes. And if testing on them can be avoided then avoid it. But for some things it cannot be and the price for discovering life saving drugs is sometimes using animals to test them on. Deal with it.

These clowns remind me of the idiots who were protesting near to Heathrow the other day - against them putting in a new runway which they say will contribute to global warming. First of all don't these people have jobs? They were there for days. They should have been arrested and thrown into jail too - they openly said they were squatting on someone's land to protest.

Again, we aren't idiots. We know there is global warming - we know it isn't good for us but finding ways to ameliorate the damage and ensure it doesn't get worse is done through research, dialogue and protesting about things in a sensible way. Some of these morons were maniacally screaming for the evil people who take flights regularly to stop. And for people to stop driving so much and take public transport. Yet you never see environmentalist fanatics protesting at the government's transport policy that says to take a train to London from Leeds will cost over £100 but to drive costs whatever it takes to full your tank (about £47 for a 1.8 litre family car).

The only thing they can protest about is the poor sod who presented with that choice, takes his car instead of the train. Evidently environmentalist protesters are all independently wealthy judging from the fact that they think the 100 quid train ticket is a viable option and judging from the fact they can bugger off for days at a time to 'protest.


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Stunner said...

LOL! I agree, some of these animal rights people go too far it's annoying!