Saturday, November 25, 2006

Racists Be honest!

I guess by now you all have heard that Kramer from Seinfeld was doing a stand up routine, was heckled by two black patrons and abused them, calling them niggers and saying that if it was fifty years earlier, they would be strung up with a pitchfork up their arse.

Well we all know what happened next don't we? Yup, the customary 'apology' (at being caught out as a racist and swift retreat so he can still work) took place. Sadly, Seinfeld backed him up by saying he made a 'mistake.' Mistake! What a load of shite! You do not say stuff like that by mistake, you say it because you mean it.

The fact of the matter is that since the time of the civil rights movement, many white racists have simply gone underground for fear of being sued. They still have the same feelings and it is in moments of stress that those feelings come to the fore. It is time that white racist people address their own sorry attitudes to people who don't look like them. They have had ample opportunities to stand up and join the human race and time and time again they don't.

I used to think it was ignorance on the part of white racists, but since coming to live in a predominantly white country I have seen the truth. The truth is that most white racist people know full well what they are doing when they behave in a racist fashion - and they do it anyway. It's almost as if they say to themselves 'Boy, you know since the black people have forced all types of legislation onto the books we can't afford to behave like we used to, calling them nigger and lynching them, so lets go underground and attack them in subtle ways.'

Kramer's 'mistake' is that he let the world see what a huge racist and by extension, damn idiot he is - chances are someone of his age and all - it will be difficult for him to see that black people are human beings too who deserve the same regard and respect as anyone else.

In the meantime I call upon black people worldwide to cease and desist from trying to get white racist people to behave honourably towards us. Trust me, your energies are better spent building yourself, your family and your community up. For the white racist, nothing we do can make them respect us or treat us properly so you might as well forget it.

That is not to say you aren't to demand that they behave properly towards you - by all means do, but don't waste time trying to get approval, or to be invited up to the big house. Put your energies into building the big house yourself and make THEM have to be invited up.


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