Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Tax Issues

In the continuing saga that is the crazy world of British taxation . . .

Yes, folks, the latest is that some Labour politician (who is angling for John Prescott's job) has suggested that instead of placing a 'green' tax on things like plane tickets, those who earn larger salaries should be taxed to pay for the effects of environmental degradation.

Also, plans are moving ahead to charge a tax to people to use certain roads. It gets so that no matter how hard you work here, you just can't get ahead. Doesn't this nation understand that by behaving in this way, i.e. punishing people for being successful in business or their jobs, they are creating a situation where only the lazy and unambitious will want to live? Anyone wanting to get ahead will simply migrate to a country that has a more equitable system of taxation.

There is a backward and evil attitude in the UK that says that anyone who earns a lot of money, does so at the expense of those who don't, and therefore they must be punished.

Have the British no understanding of hard work, entrepreneurship, risk and innovation? Is this country so dumb that they really believe in the notion of a limited 'pie' of prosperity that means that if someone has a large slice of the pie then there is only a little left for the rest?

Come on people - why do you think that the UK has so many deadbeats living off the state in comparison to other European countries and the States? Because you can make more money sitting on your backside and collecting benefits than if you hauled ass out to work every day.

Until people are given the incentive to strive for better jobs with more responsibility and higher wages and to be innovative and to undego the risk of beginning businesses, this country is going to continue to go to the dogs. Stop taxing us to death!

Make no mistake, there are intelligent, ambitious and innovative people in the UK but they are going to get fed up and give their talents, hard work and expertise to other countries if things here don't shape up.

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